Out of Hours
Emergency cover is provided by Southern Area Urgent Care Services (SAUCS). They can be contacted by telephoning 02838399201 You will be answered by a Receptionist who will take your details ie name, address, telephone number etc.

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Repeat Prescriptions

red_pills_bottleRepeat prescriptions may be issued for regular medication as arranged by your doctor. Requests for prescription can be made in person at the reception desk, by post (enclosing a stamp addressed envelope), or by emailing to

As of Monday 13th August 2018 we will no longer be taking prescription requests via the telephone.

We require 48 hours to process your request for repeat medication whether ordered by email or in person.

You must state the name of the drug and the dose of each item when ordering prescriptions. The colour of the drug or the reason for taking it is not sufficient information. Receptionists are not allowed to issue a prescription on this basis. Similarly the request for “all my repeats" is not permitted. All medicines must be named – we can provide you with a list of these.

If you pick up a prescription you have ordered and there is a request that you see the doctor before your next prescription, please do so, otherwise the next request may be declined. To ensure best possible care, patients on repeat prescriptions should have a medication review once a year.

Requests for non-repeat prescriptions for minor ailments will be passed to the doctor for attention - the doctor may issue a prescription, give advice, or ask that you make an appointment.

Antibiotics are unlikely to be prescribed without seeing the doctor.

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